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African Emigration

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African Emigration

Message non lu par salogo hamed » mer. 23 sept. 2020 14:47

TEXT : African Emigration

In recent years a combination of factors, including the bad economic situation of
most African countries, permanent conflicts, and environmental degradation, have provoked
a new movement of Africans going out of the continent. The difficult socioeconomic
environment (created by the diminution of public sector workers in states across the
continent using programs of structural adjustment, the decline in real incomes, and the
hostile political environment) has brought many skilled workers to leave the continent. This
migration has been to Europe, North America5United States and Canada), and the Gulf
states. This phenomenon has come to be known as the brain drain. Thousands of highly
skilled migrants, including doctors, nurses, teachers, scientists engineers technologists, and
other professionals, have moved from a number of African countries to the destination
states attracted by relatively higher salaries and better working and living conditions. This is
in addition to movements from poorer to relatively richer regions of the continent. Also
many students in various disciplines did not return to their home countries from these richer
countries at the end of their studies.
Clandestine migration, an old phenomenon, has reached new proportions as young
migrants are adopting more sophisticated and courageous methods to enter the countries of
the North, even if these destination States continue to increase their border controls. Many
clandestine migrants enter the host States as tourists or students and later work and live
there without officially changing their status. Others travel via intermediary countries, where
they obtain false documentation for some money. Another phenomenon is autonomous
female migration, which is also a response to poverty in the sub-region. With several families
forced to adopt migration as a solution, the migration is becoming increasingly feminized. A
significant proportion of female now migrate independently. Higher education level among
females has also increased their mobility and their desire to migrate both locally and
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