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Sécurité au Burkina Faso l'Etat Burkinabè lance l'opération Restauration pour une garantie de la sécurité des personnes et des biens sur toute l'étendue du territoire national . Les élèves et étudiants s'activent pour une entrée scolaire 2020-2021 dans de meilleures conditions.

Text : Pratical advice English

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Text : Pratical advice English

Message non lu par salogo hamed » lun. 21 sept. 2020 17:38

Text : Pratical advice

Mamouna went to a health centre with her baby for treatment and advice. Bouba, her baby, she
said, was six months old but by sight did not look more than a two months baby.
What follows is a conversation between her and the nurse.
Nurse: what is the matter with this young baby madam?
Mamouna: he is suffering from nothing I can’t exactly tell. He is always at my breast sucking or
crying, I mean that if his mouth is off the breast, he never stops crying. There is something wrong but
I can’t tell it
Nurse: how old is your baby?
Mamouna: six months.
Nurse: what do you give him in addition to the breast?
Mamouna: nothing else. When I started to give him some of our meals he categorically rejected it. I
stopped trying again. And since some time he has not stopped annoying me with his continual
sucking. I have no rest at all, not even at night.
Nurse: You should give him something. At six months, mother’s milk becomes insufficient to babies,
especially when the mother diet is poor .Do you correctly have your three meals a day?
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