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Sécurité au Burkina Faso l'Etat Burkinabè lance l'opération Restauration pour une garantie de la sécurité des personnes et des biens sur toute l'étendue du territoire national . Les élèves et étudiants s'activent pour une entrée scolaire 2020-2021 dans de meilleures conditions.

English Test Extract from Microsoft Encarta

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English Test Extract from Microsoft Encarta

Message non lu par salogo hamed » lun. 21 sept. 2020 17:50


In 13th century Europe, Christian theology was regarded as the queen of the
sciences. “Science,” in this Aristotelian sense, was a systematic exposition of an area of
knowledge which was ideally founded on self-evident or certain first principles. The first
principles of Christian theology, it was thought, provide the most certain of all principles,
since they were revealed by God. Thus theology becomes the paradigm of science.
Since that time, the word “science” has changed its meaning, so that now most
people would regard a science as an experimental investigation into a physical phenomenon,
where precise observations can be made and measurements taken, where experiments are
repeatable and publicly testable, and where hypotheses need to be constantly tested and reassessed. In such a context, theology is no longer seen as a science at all. There are no precise
measurements in religious faith, no repeatable experiments, no public testing, and no
equations which might help one to predict events accurately.
(…)Religion and science are concerned with different areas of human life. They do not
really conflict, because they talk different languages. Science is concerned with the physical,
the measurable, and the repeatable, and there is plenty of that in the universe. Religion is
concerned with the spiritual, the immeasurable, and the uniquely individual. It is concerned
with an infinite spiritual reality, and with the sorts of conscious relationship human beings can
have with it.
Extract from Microsoft Encarta

1. What was the role played by theology in the past? (3pts)
2. Show in the text what make Theology different from Science today? (3pts)
3. According to the text, why can’t there be a conflict between Science and Religion?
4. Do you think that Religion can be a brake to scientific progress today? (5pts) (10 lines
5. Rewrite the last paragraph in your own words. (6pts)
NB: Do not copy the text.
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