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English Test: Wind farms

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English Test: Wind farms

Message non lu par salogo hamed » mer. 23 sept. 2020 14:13

ENGLISH TEST N° 4 Wind farms

A wind farm is a collection of windmills or turbines which are used to
generate electrical power through their mechanical motions as they are pushed by
the wind. Both Europe and the United States have large numbers of wind farms, and
the technology is also found on other continents. In Asia, India especially has
devoted a great deal of funding to establishing wind farms. The energy generated by
a wind farm can be fed directly into the general energy grid after passing through
As a potentially large source of renewable energy, wind farms are particularly
popular in nations which are focusing on alternative energy. Other types of
renewable energy include wave power and solar arrays. All of these technologies
take advantage of already existing energy, converting it into a usable form. Since a
wind farm does not actively deplete resources as it generates power, it is considered
a form of “green” energy.
[ … ] Once installed, a wind farm requires no additional energy output other
than that required for basic maintenance. This is a marked contrast to a power plant
which relies on coal or petroleum products. Consumers who want to support wind
farms can buy energy credits which go to developers of wind farms
Naturally, the best place for a wind farm is a windy location. In some
instances, a windy location may also be generally unusable or uninhabitable. In other
instances, a wind farm may take up useful real estate which could be used for
farming. This has led to some criticism of wind farms, since they take up a great deal
more space than a comparable non-renewable energy generating facility. In addition,
wind farms pose a severe threat to migratory birds, as has been clearly documented
by several scientific organizations.

Adapted from wiseGEEK Articles

VOCABULARY: array: an arrangement; wave power: énergie des vagues; to
deplete: to diminish; a grid: une grille


1- In which countries can we find windmills in the text? (3pts)
2- Referring to the text, what are the other sources of energy? (3pts)
3- According to the text, what are the advantages of wind energy? (4pts)
4- Basing on the text, what are the drawbacks of wind farms? (4pts)
5- Do you think that wind energy can be a solution to the global warming? Justify
your answer. (15 lines maximum) (6pts)
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