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ENGLISH TEST: Breast milk is the mother of all medicines

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ENGLISH TEST: Breast milk is the mother of all medicines

Message non lu par salogo hamed » lun. 21 sept. 2020 18:04


“Breast milk is the mother of all medicines” says Newsweek. It is an
unequalled way of infants providing food for the healthy growth and development of
infants and has a unique biological and emotional influence on the health of both
mother and child. Babies who drink it, get the nutrients they need for proper brain
development while lowering their risk of everything from allergies and infections to
diarrhea, eczema and pneumonia. Moreover, there is an important relation between
breast feeding and child spacing.
For these reasons, professionals and health workers in health care facilities
should make every effort to protect, promote and support breast feeding and to
provide expectant new mothers with objective and consistent advice in this regard.
They must urge mothers to nurse their new born for at least a year. Some mothers
worry that they will not produce enough milk to keep their babies healthy. Others
think that other foods are needed early on. The fact is, most mothers can meet all of
a child’s nutritional needs until six months when foods are gradually added to diet. No
matter what else they are eating, children as old as two years can benefit from the
antibodies and fatty acids in mother’s milk. There are also for the mothers: nursing
lowers risk of breast cancer and hastens postpartum weight loss.
The prevalence and duration of breast feeding declined in many parts of the
world for a variety of social, economic and cultural reasons. With the introduction of
modern technologies and the adoption of the new life-style, the importance attached
to this traditional practice has noticeably reduced in many societies.
Vocabulary: to nurse: to give milk from the woman’s breast; to hasten: to happen
faster; postpartum: postnatal

Guided commentary

1- Give a title to the text and justify it. (3pts)
2- According to the text, what are the advantages of breastfeeding for a baby?
3- Give the positive aspects of breastfeeding for the mother in the text. (3pts)
4- Basing on the text, say why mothers no longer breastfeed their babies? (4pts)
5- Do you think that bottle feeding can replace breastfeeding? Justify your
answer. (6pts)
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Breast milk is the mother of all medicines
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Breast milk is the mother of all medicines
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