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Message non lu par salogo hamed » mer. 23 sept. 2020 14:42

Devoir d’anglais: TRASPORTATION

A great change in transportation came when men began
training animals to carry people and transport things .Among the animals used were dogs
and donkeys .In many parts of the world ,these animals are still used today.
Once people have learned to use
animals for pulling loads , men could save their strength for other works .Animals made
transportation faster and easier so that people travelled more than ever before .They were
able to carry more goods ,and this led to more trade .People traded things they had plenty of
for other things they needed .They learned that life is easier when people trade with one
Although some men were training animals people who lived on the shores of rivers
and lakes were learning ways to travel on water.Travelling by water might have stated when
someone climbed on a log and found that he could ride as it floated along.Men learned to tie
things to logs , pushing them ahead as they swam.they learned to float on the loags and paddle
whith their hands and feet. Later on,they learned to use branches and sticks as oars.
From “Transportation and you”
by Emilie V. Lepthien ,
Emat Heintz Vocabulary: Topull=tirer a load=une charge,un fardeau
an oars= une pagaie a log:une pirogue to save(in the text)= to economize



Write the number and letter which is in front
of the correct answer 1-Animals made transportation :
a)more difficult ; b)easier but
slower ; c)easier and faster ; d)slower 2-with animals people were
able: a)to carry less goods b)to
carry more goods c)swim in rivers and lakes d)to carry no goods 3-with animals the
volume of trade: a)augmented
; b)got reduced; c)remain the same; d) stopped rising. 4-Progress in
transportation came when :
a)men began carrying animals and things; b)animals were used to carry men and
things c)men and animals carried things d)men sold animals and things
5-Dogs and donkeys were:
a)some of the animals used in transportation; b)the only animals used in
transportation c)that animals which were not used in transportation
d) the animals used to look after the transportation of things
6-When men could save their strength ,they began:
a)Training animals; b)selling donkeys and
dogs; b)developing some other activities d)buying more
donkeys and dogs 7-People who lived on the shores of rivers were:
a)far from rivers B)on the rivers c)near the

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