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Climate Change

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Climate Change

Message non lu par salogo hamed » mer. 23 sept. 2020 14:21

In the view of some scientists, planet Earth is ill. It is running a fever. According to
them, the global temperature may be approaching the so-called tipping point- that delicate
threshold where a slight rise in temperature may “cause a dramatic change in the
environment that itself triggers a far greater increase in global temperatures”, says the
British newspaper The Guardian.
[…] They believe that human activity is a major factor, beginning with the industrial
revolution and the subsequent increase in the use of fossil fuels, such as coal and oil.
Another factor involves rampant deforestation. In order to address these problems, world
leaders have convened climate summits.
The 1997 Kyoto Protocol, or agreement, sets new goals for carbon dioxide
emissions. By signing the protocol, the countries of the European Union and 37 other
industrialized countries committed themselves to reducing their emissions by an average of
5 percent against 1990 levels, and this over the five-year period from 2008 to 2012.
The Kyoto Protocol, however, had some serious weaknesses. For example, the
United States never ratified it. Also, larger developing countries, such as China and India, did
not commit themselves to specific limits on their emissions. Yet, the United States and China
alone contribute about 40 percent of the global carbon dioxide emission.
Concerning the Copenhagen summit, also called COP 15, its objective was to replace
the Kyoto Protocol and set new, binding goals for 2012 and beyond. To confront climate
change, representatives from192 nations, including 119 heads of State, gathered in
Copenhagen, Denmark, in December 2009 to attend the event. COP 15 was faced with the
following three primary challenges: reaching legally binding agreements, financing a
perpetual solution and agreeing on a model for monitoring emissions.
VOCABULARY: threshold: a point just before a new situation; to trigger: to provoke, to make
something happen suddenly


1- Give a title to the text and justify it.(3pts)
2- What are the causes of climate change in the text?(3pts)
3- Basing on the text, why is the Kyoto Protocol a failure? (4pts)
4- What are the points discussed in Copenhagen?(4pts)
5- According to you, are climate change effects reversible? Justify your answer.(6pts)
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